An introduction...


This is a place to forget and to imagine. A refuge from a world which can wind itself up in your gears. Here, I cut through the vines along the unexplored trails of my mind to bring back the fruits of discovery. Whether it is a tale based in reality, an opinion, or a fiction pulled from the ether, it will be delivered with many of the rough edges in tact. Welcome to the louche den. 


A little about me.


Storytelling, by written words, pictures, or the oral tradition, has always been a part of me. Building elaborate worlds on paper with graphite and ink. Molding the simplest event into a tale worth hearing. Scrawling down each thought, hoping someday it touch somebodies life the way my favorite authors touched mine.

Early on, I was a decent student who devoted just enough to study to get by, leaving plenty of time for important things like music, friends, and discovery. I left school a reluctant soldier with an aim to keep books and booze equally in front of me. In this I was largely successful. Evenings were spent in coffee shops and bars, with notebook and novel nearby. I ran with those who were forgotten or swept aside. A lovely bunch.

National tragedy caused a desire for patriotic duty to stir inside of me. It churned strong enough to carry me to foreign lands. Luckily, it only took a few good history lessons to quiet that call, and awaken within me a new thirst.

As a lawman, I did my best to toe the line. Eventually, I found myself unsure where the line was anymore, but more sure than ever of where I stood in relation. No longer able to enforce the laws without reservation, I turned in my badge.

I have built, destroyed, formed, sold, chased, and detained for a living. Along the way, debris from the roads I have chosen stuck to me. I try to collect and arrange it all in the most interesting way I know how. What is interesting? To me, it is the louche. Those things that you aren't supposed to like, but you do anyway. Join me as I continue to explore.